How to update the software of TMSL-55 or TMSL-56 scanner

2020-11-17 09:48:05 2060

How to upgrade the internal software of TMSL-56 on ios device

1. Please kindly download the software named nRF Tooltox in apple store of your ios device

2. Download the zip file here and open it with other application

3. Copy it to nRF Toolbox like follows

4. Search and connect the scanner in nrf toolbox as follows

5. Scan the “bluetooth keyboard” barcode below and the serial number at the neck of the scanner will show up in the device. If the scanner does not show up, please kindly unplug the USB cradle from your PC first and then scan “bluetooth keyboard” code again

6. Please click the trigger of the scanner and hold still (DON’T RELEASE IT BEFORE UPLOAD COMPLETE) and then click update in nrf toolbox. After the upload is complete, please kindly click OK.

7. After update the software, you can scan the barcode at the bottom of the USB cradle to reconnect the scanner back with the USB cradle.